Nothing feels safer than having a strong roof over the head. Because of that roof over our head we feel safe, secure and protected, be it at home or at office. But it is not without a reason that home and not office is called a haven. You build your own dream home or choose one with extreme care and precision since it is the place where not only you but your loved ones will rest their minds, bodies and souls. Whereas offices are meant to earn profits and hence are made with as much low cost as possible without breaking the legal barriers. And to avoid legal problems, most commercial roofs used in offices are generally certified roofs but still they are not as safe as your own home where every single thing is of the best quality, chosen with equal love and care, including the roofs.

You must remember while choosing the roofs of your home that the look alone is not sufficient you must also consider the durability of the product used for the roofing. As building or even buying a house is a huge investment, you would not want to spend even more on maintenance or repairing. The best and the strongest kind of roof is the cement roof followed by metal roofs and shingles roof. But the best roof for your home will depend on a lot of other factors too like the weather and climate of the place you are staying and your budget. Cement roofs cost more than any other and are best when used for flat roofs.

Hence for once, make safety your priority instead of money and do what is needed to protect your family from all the risks associated with low cost roofs like leakage or even more dangerous, caving in of the roofs.