A roof is an important part of your home as it serves as a protection to your home from the various natural and manmade disasters. However, roofs do not last forever and like all other things, need maintenance. Well, how do you exactly know when to get a new roof?

Make sure to check by yourself on a regular note. Although not all cracks and damages can be visible with the naked eye, but at least you will get to know if there is a problem up there somewhere. Make sure to do this after each and every storm in the area. Just check in with a pair of binoculars and a short ladder. You do not need to climb all the way up there. If you find discoloration of the roof or any buckling or shingles that are rotting, any kind of damage done by the termites or any interior leakage etc, you would know for sure that the roof requires repairs that can be costly too. Maintain the flashing and the valleys and vents in good shape always. Any kind of chipping or corrosion on the surface is important clues to tell you that something is seriously wrong with your roof. A rotting roof should be immediately replaced before it damages the entire household. Cedar shake shingles are usually infamous for bowing and cracking once their life span comes to an end. Replace the shingles as and when necessary.

If your roof is very old, like 20 years or more, the costing for roof repairs are much more than buying a new roof. In such circumstances, buying a new roof would be a better idea and a much wiser financial decision that you can take. There are several ways of maintaining a roof so that it lasts longer than its life span, but the most important of them all is not to neglect the roof.