No wonder, if metal roofing is the choice of residential and commercial building owners. Metal roofs have proved their competency to keep the four-walled structures in mint condition. It is a primary consideration for its advantageous highpoints – light weight, fire resistance, durability and strength. Steel, aluminum, stainless steel, zinc alloys and copper are the metals that are mostly used for affordable metal roofing. There are some other metal roofing materials to bring the roof alive with the look of slate tile or wood shakes. Each material for metal roofs features unique properties.

Steel being more solid and durable than aluminum is a popular choice as a metal roofing material. It comes with protective measures like zinc coating to withstand rust and corrosion. A steel roof if sealed and installed properly lasts longer than a span of fifty years.

Next to steel, stainless steel is also in the list of materials for affordable metal roofing. Though it is a bit expensive compared to steel, it is least responsive to rust and corrosion. A terne coating is an add-on with a natural matte finish to stainless steel roofs.

Aluminum is the third in the list of metal roofing materials. It is extremely light weight. Another good choice for affordable metal roofing, it is absolutely safe from rust. Therefore, it needs not be coated or painted to resist rust and corrosion. Attractive appearance is the purpose of coatings on aluminum roofs.

Copper a metal roof material has been in use for centuries. Copper roofs feature a rust-free surface and therefore, such roofs are resistant to peeling or scratching. Being more expensive than the above-mentioned roofing materials, copper is less used nowadays for affordable metal roofing.