If you are suffering from roof leakage problem, replacing and repairing roofs are the alternatives that can be opted for. The roofing companies have well-skilled professionals who can help you to get a new flat roof installed when the old ones get damaged. When it comes to flat roofing, various materials are there which are used for a stronger roof for your settlement. Some of the types of roofs include:
• Built-Up Roof (BUR): Three or more piles made of waterproof materials constitute the conventional hot-tar-and–gravel roof. Use of gravel makes the roof retardant to fire. These appear to be most attractive for the windows and decks overlooking the roof. Of all the types of new flat roof, this is the cheapest one. If you opt for this, you must be ready to get a smelly and messy installation experience.
• Modified Bitumen:It is simply a roof rolled with ply that acts as a shield to protect a settlement against ice and water. The torch-down system of this new flat roof is concerned with heating the adhesive because the material is unrolled. Latest version of this system is peel-and-stick one that is considered to be safer and easier.
• Rubber membrane: The rubber membrane is used to provide protection to the homeowners against the adverse effects of sunny weather. EPDM or ethylene propylene diene monomer is considered as a true rubber and hence it is durable. It helps the household to remain out of any kind of harm caused to the roofs due to sunlight.

Using the above-mentioned varieties of new flat roof, an individual can assure of getting protection from various adverse effects of the changing weather conditions.