A choice is possible, if there are options to choose from. Likewise, a right decision depends on knowledge and information. Being a most vital part of a building, residential or commercial, roof needs to be robust and rigid, solid and strong. Roofing is of various types depending on which the roofing materials vary. Building a roof is part of the investment on a residential apartment or a business house. So, we have made it an objective to provide you with in-depth knowledge of roofing through our blogs.

Sheet metal roofing is full of advantages for large commercial and industrial buildings. Demand for metal roofing has multiplied sharply in recent years. The production of metal roofing sheets is primarily meant for commercial customers. Nowadays, metal sheets of various designs are considered for the roofing of smaller buildings of commercial nature. There are several different types of sheet metal roofs.

Metal roofing sheets are made of steel and aluminum. The use of copper and zinc in metal sheets is uncommon. Steel roofing sheets are stronger than aluminum roofing sheets. The strength of steel roofs is one of the reasons for choosing steel sheets for mighty roofing projects. When it comes to Florida commercial roofing, steel roof is the best consideration. It is highly effective in resisting all sorts of damage to the build of a concrete structure. It is a great advantage for commercial buildings during storms. To make steel sheets resistant to corrosion, they are dipped in a solution of zinc before use. The galvanized steel roofing sheets are able to withstand the damage that moisture causes.

Aluminum sheets are light in weight compared to steel sheets for Florida commercial roofing. But, they are not as strong and resistant as steel roofing sheets. However, aluminum sheets are naturally corrosion resistant. In reaction with oxygen in the air, aluminum creates aluminum oxide which works as a protective layer on the metal. This resistant property of aluminum sheets is useful for roofing in coastal areas with high density of moisture in the air. Even galvanized steel sheets fail to withstand these adverse atmospheric conditions in coastal areas.

The South Florida metal roofing company is in the know of the advantages and disadvantages of both aluminum as well as steel sheets for commercial roofing in Florida.