We all know what roofs are and what its value is. We can live without walls but living under a roof is everyone’s wish. It protects us from the scorching sun as well as the rains. Hence roof is one of the most important parts of any building. Be it a commercial roof or a residential roof all of them needs to be taken care of while making a building. Nowadays we mostly see concrete roofs. You must be wondering what those are. Let me give you a brief detail about the process of construction of these types of roofs.

To build the concrete roofs we need to build the structure first by using good quality iron bars. Before that we need concrete pillars to support the roof. Once the iron structure is made we need to prepare the concrete mixture using right proportion of sand, cement, stone chips and water. Once the mixture is ready we need to place that over the iron structure we have built previously. When the mixture gets dried up the cement and the stone chips gets tied to the iron bars thereby creating a concrete roof.

We are also familiar with wooden flat roofs. The earthquake prone areas mostly have wooden flat roofs. The advantage of these in earthquake prone area is people under it has less chance of dying under the debris at the time of earthquake. Moreover you can reuse the woods after the wreckage. Moreover once the concrete roof gets damaged generally it is needed to be built over again. You can get to see the metal roofs also. Mostly the trains and metros have metal roof. You can easily understand that, metal roofs gets heated quickly and cools quickly too. So keep all these in mind when you are planning about the roofs.