We all build roofs over our house. Be it permanently made of concrete or temporary made of asbestos we all need roofs to protect ourselves from the sun in the summer and the rain in the monsoon. But there is huge difference between the residential roof and the commercial roof. Let us dig the details a bit.

Suppose you are building one house for residential purpose. Be it single floor or multistoried, roof remains the most important part of the building. Especially for buildings with more than one floor, the roof needs extra care. Let us first see the characteristics of the residential roofs. In a residential building, there are some stereotype designs like there must be rooms separated by walls. Hence the roof on which the walls are made should be strong enough to hold the weight. Moreover another thing should be kept in mind that residential houses will be inhabited by people along with their furniture and belongings. The roof needs to bear the weight of all these things.

On the other hand commercial roofs will be of different nature. Commercial properties like offices, factories are sometimes multistoried and sometimes single floor. Like steel plants have large buildings with a metal roof. Buildings sometimes rise to a height of thirty to forty foot in case of factories to cool off the heat produced inside. Metal roofs are very effective in these cases as most metals are very good conductors of heat. Moreover factories usually have huge machineries which take a lot of space. Hence commercial roof need to be built according to the specific requirement. Commercial buildings like software companies are generally multistoried. The roofs of these buildings are generally same as that of residential houses. On the other hand roofs of power plants are made specially to cater their specific requirements.