Everything needs to be maintained and repaired over time. Similar is the case of a tile roof. It is easier to install a tile roof than a metal roof. Tile roofing is aesthetically beautiful rather than metal roofing. However, a tile roof is not as durable as a metal roof. Therefore, it needs timely maintenance and repairing. Tile roof repair is easier and less affordable than repairing other roof types. Here is how to do tile roof repair:

• Examine the tile roof overall and find out where cracks have developed.
• If the cracks are minor, they can be sealed and the tiles with minor cracks need not be replaced.
• If the cracks are major, the tiles with looming cracks should be replaced.
• If a tile develops a crack in the middle, fill the crack with roof sealant and press the tile from both sides.
• It reduces the crack’s appearance. Apply more sealant on the surface of the crack and press it with something from above.
• It is better to remove the cracked tiles that are beyond repair. Lift the cracked tiles carefully keeping other tiles intact.
• Replace the cracked tiles with tiles of the same color and size and shape. Otherwise, the new tiles would look odd.
• Make sure checking if new tiles are placed and fitted correctly.
• Tiles while being lifted and placed should be handled with care.

It is not wise to work on a tile roof when the roof is slippery. It is good to do tile roof repair on sunny days because the surface remains dry in the sun. Extra care needs to be taken when you climb the tile roof and walk across it. No need to worry. The service of professional tile roofing contractors is available.