Shingle roofing unlike flat roofs requires regular and meticulous maintenance to last longer. The specially made waterproof sealant having a glazed surface is the only solution to protect the shape and angles of the shingle roofing. If a minor problem is overlooked at the initial stage, it will boil to a head in future and you will not have any other way but to get the entire roof replaced. But, if only a few shingles are showing any sign of damage, you need not siphon off a goodly sum for the replacement; rather repairing the faulty shingles will be enough for now.

Dry weather is ideal for roof repairing. If it rains cats and dogs or drizzles, all your effort will simply get washed away. If you have decided to mend the damaged part by yourself, request someone to assist you. Surveying the shingles is necessary to locate the damages. If you do not make haste while inspecting the roof, cracks, tears, warped shingles and even minor damages will not avert your eyes. Mark the damaged areas with the colored marker pens for easy identification later.

The colors of the new shingles should be the same as that of the replaced ones. If you have any spare shingle left at the corner of your garage, you can take it as a sample to the market. Pick up the shingles which perfectly matches with the texture and color of the sample. If you are not lucky enough to get a perfect match, then a closed substitute will do a satisfactory job. Choosing a sealant of superior quality is a necessity as a waterproof and durable sealant provides protection to your shingle roof.

Double coating of sealant is recommended for the long life of the shingle roofing. Apply a coat underneath the shingles and on the upper surface of it. When the coating gets dried up and all the debris is removed from the roof, then apply a thick coat of sealant underneath the curled up shingles. Press hard until you make sure that the shingles glue to the sealants. Then apply the next coat of sealant over the shingle surface. This second coating is referred to as the shingle refinishing sealer. The glaze coating must dry quickly and should last longer through sun, rain and hail.