When we say roof we usually mean the cover over our head which protects us daily from the scorching heat, the rains or the snow. As the roof is one of the most significant parts of a building we need a lot of thought before we are building a house. Metal roofs are very common in some parts of the world. It is also inexpensive but if copper is used then the price soars. Generally galvanized steel roof plates are used. Let us find out the advantages as well as disadvantages of metal roofs.

Galvanized steel roofs are very light in weight. This feature provides a great facility while you are building a house. Due to the light weight it is easily portable. Durability is also one of the major aspects behind the fame of metal roofs. Most of the metal roofs come with a warranty of twenty to twenty five years. In present days the coating of zinc and aluminum over the metal roofs makes it more durable. You can easily figure out that metal roofs are very safe against fire or sparks. Moreover, metal roofs are strong for snow fall or storms. The metals are easily broken into pieces thereby giving an advantage of quick recycling. Labors also take less money to fit those metal roofs and these roofs require very little maintenance too.

Disadvantages include that if your home is situated in a place where the heat is unusually high for most days of the year, your home with metal roof can become a furnace. Metals are very good conductors of heat and hence they would heat up pretty easily. Hence choose your metal roof carefully depending upon the above mentioned factors. After all as it is said very correctly, better be safe before than sorry later.