House architecture and roof styling is undergoing  a lot of change in the United State of America. New steel roofing is being widely accepted all across the country. This roofing is mainly being opted for residences. The reason for this is that steel roofs provide better durability and reliability than other roofs. These roofs are hardy and can endure the onslaught of harsh climatic conditions. If a damage is inflicted on these steel roofs, it is easier to repair them. In case a replacement becomes necessary, you do not have to worry much. New steel roofing is widely and readily available.

New steel roofing specially for the residences are available in mainly two varieties – standing seam and metal shingles. With the standing seam variety in new steel roofing, the home owner can be assured of having a roof which will be durable, reliable, stylish and energy efficient too. The best part is that such roofs come in a wide range of colors and textures. You can choose the patterns that suit your home best. There is another advantage of a standing seam roofing that it comes with solar roofing.  If you have such a roof, you can put a thin film of  photovoltaic solar roofing panels and integrate that to the roof. This is eco-friendly and you can save a lot of energy too. If properly maintained such roofs can last for almost 10 years without any problems.

The second option in new steel roofing is to use steel shingles. These are the most commonly used roofing elements that look good and are durable as well. This also has a good warranty period and some companies guarantee for more than 30 years too. Steel shingle roofs have the capacity of withstanding fierce storms like tornadoes and hurricanes. Since the steel shingles have the capacity of reflecting away solar radiations, it helps in keeping your home cool. Opt for new steel roofing and enjoy its benefits.