Strength, solidity, durability and weather resistance are the typical characteristics of metal roofing. Steel and aluminum top the list of roofing materials for metal roofs. Steel roofing is much in vogue for its usable and aesthetic features. Available in multiple different colors, steel roofing comes with a promising and prodigious profile for residential buildings. The following are the advantageous features of steel for residential roofing –

• Steel is non-combustible like all other metal roofing materials.
• Steel roofing requires minimal maintenance.
• It does not decay and succumb to rusting.
• It is aesthetically attractive in terms of design and color.
• It is both water and weather proof to go a long way.
• It gives a good account of itself in each of the seasons.
• It is energy efficient for its radiant barrier effect.
• It is easy to install having an option for re-roofing.

It is evident that there is no reason to sniff at steel, when it comes to choosing a roofing material for residential roofing. Steel roofing is one of the roofing solutions that do not go in vain. The popularity of this roofing material has risen by leaps and bounds over last few years. Many a South Florida metal roofing company is using steel roofing for all sorts of housing projects for single-family residence and multi-family apartments. That is only because of its manifold advantages and aesthetic sheen. Among various steel roofing types, the most popular are –

• Vertical rib formed roofing
• Standing seam roofing
• Tile design roofing