Are you worried about selecting the best roofing style for your home? Well, when you go for Florida roofing, they help you to build the roof in its best form, so that you can stay at your best.

Cross gabled roof: This is a kind of gabled roofs, which comes with extra wings.

Mansard roof: This is made up of 4 slopes, where two slopes are placed on each side of the house. the lower slope is a steeper one and upper slopes are vertical ones.

Hip roof: This is quite similar to the pyramid roof. The only difference is that instead of meeting at a single point, here the top four sides of the roofs meet at a flat sopt or ridge.

Pyramid hip roof: Like the name suggests, this roof has a pyramid shape. This looks extremely good.

Saltbox roof: This is one of the interesting looking roof from its exterior. This is a long pitched asymmetrical roof with a short side in one side and a long side on the other.

Gambrel roof: This is quite similar to the Mansard roof. The basic difference is that the gambrel roofs have vertical gable ends and the roof is hanged over the façade.

Flat roof: These roofs are easily identifiable. These roofs are easier to construct and safer than the other types of roofs.

Bonnet roof: This is a sloping roof, where two of the side slopes come out of an angle. This roof covers the veranda and the outdoor porch areas properly.

Pick any of the roofing style of the above mentioned and go for constructing the roofs with efficient Florida roofing constructors at your ease.