Seasonal care is a means of protection for your residential roof. Roofs despite being equipped with preventive measures cannot fully defy the negative influence of nature when a particular season is in the full swing. Across the state of Florida, summers are warm and humid. When the season of summer is in the thick, the majority of homeowners in Florida discover the buildups of mold, algae, moss and lichen amidst the shingle sheets of the roofs to their horror. The problem is worse particularly  in South Florida.

A roof, commercial or residential with harmful fungal buildups develops leaks all over. The effects of such fungal buildups on some roofing systems are terrible. The roofs lose their shine and harmony with the rest of the building in look and design. Trapping of water by the buildups around the shingle edges leads to the deterioration of roofs in durability and longevity. It is a grave cause of panic among the homeowners in South Florida.

Organic buildups penetrate through the crevices in shingle roofing and thrive on warmth as well as humidity. For example, moss is highly damaging since its root not only traps moisture but also props up the edges of the shingle sheets. Any roofing type built of clay, ceramic, wood or asphalt is a breeding ground for organic matters. The accumulation of organic matters if left unnoticed causes potential damage to roofs over the time. It is also true at the same time that removing the organic buildups is relatively easy.

Use a cleaning solution to wash the roof. It will wipe out the accumulation of mold, algae and lichen from the surface. Almost all cleaning solutions are a mix of water and bleach. It is effective but damaging for the color of material roofing. Using a special roof cleaning solution is always safe. Sprinkle the cleaning solution in drops over the roof parts with fungal buildup. Let it sit there for about twenty minutes. Scrub the surface lightly with a cleaning brush to remove the buildup from the root. Then, wash the area with clean water.

If the organic buildups are too rigid to be removed in conventional methods, it is risky to rid the roof of such harmful matters. A special cleaning technique is required in such cases. The South Florida roofing company is a best roofing care provider in the state of Florida.