Clearing off debris of dried leaves and removing the organic buildups of moss, molds and lichen with a solution of chlorine bleach powder are basic roof maintenance tips. If these tips are property utilized, repairing roofs is no no. But, what about repairing wood shingles roofs?

Wood roofs are of two basic types – shingles and shakes. The former is smooth while the later is rough and rustic. Red cedar is a chief roofing material for wood roofs. It is resistant to insect damage and durable to a great extent. Preferable for residential houses in the areas where snowfall is a common natural phenomenon, wood roofing can also be named as residential roofing, since wood is a bad conductor of heat and temperature. However, both types of wood roofing require the same maintenance and repair.

How to Flatten the Curled Shingles in Wood Shingles Roofs

• The singles used in a wood shingles roof tend to curl away, if the roof is left unprotected. The curled shingles can be flattened and reattached. Shingles usually turn brittle in cold weather. If it is so, soften the shingles by warming their curled edges. Use a propane torch giving off a flame spreader nozzle for this purpose.
• Warm shingles are easy to flatten. Once the edges are flattened, reattach the shingles using asphalt roof cement. Apply the cement paste property to each corner of the roof and press the areas of the application tightly using a brick or any other heavy object.

How to Repair Cracked Shingles in Wood Shingles Roofs

• Pull out the loose splinters in order to fix smaller cracks
• Nail down the large shingles using galvanized roofing nails
• Driving the nail heads will harm the shingle surface, so be careful
• Cover the cracks as well as nail heads using roofing cement
• Drive a metal sheet patch under the shingles cracks until the metal reaches the upper surface of the cracks
• Remove broken shingles and shingles full of cracks that cannot be repaired
• Cut the nails holding the broken shingle pieces using a hacksaw
• Be careful not to damage the good shingles pieces