Roofing in Florida requires great care and proper maintenance, as the state often witnesses rough weather condition bringing damage to the crown of the house. Now, when it is about effective maintenance and proper care, the contractors specialized in Florida commercial roofing often faces a tough choose in selecting the right roofing material. The selection requires greater care, as it ensures that the material supports the building type and is capable to fight the climatic odds better. It is to be noted that the roofs in commercial buildings are constructed in a different way than residential buildings.

Well, though the purposes of commercial and residential roofing might be same, the previous one does not come with a pitch and are usually designed flat. Since, the Florida commercial roofing does not feature a pitch, distinguished materials and methods are used to design and construct the roof accordingly. Here is a look at some of the materials that re used for commercial roofing installations in Florida –

Asphalt – used for both commercial and residential roofing, the asphalt shingles are very easily available in the market. This particular material can be used in liquid form and can be poured directly on the concrete region. Roofs constructed with this material usually last for around 30- 40 years.

Metals – extensively used for commercial roofing, the materials tend to include aluminum, copper, and steel. Metal roofing is known for the durability it offers and usually lasts for around 50 years provided it is maintained carefully.

Tile – tiles that are used for Florida commercial roofing are usually concrete or are made of rubber. These are quite durable and are easy to maintain; you can even consider selecting from a wide range of patterns and colors suiting your building location and type.

Constructing Florida commercial roofing with any of the above-mentioned materials offer great durability for the roofing.