Flat roofs are known to be problematic for the home owners. But the problems can be dealt with by the present flat roofs. There are some high performances bonding that are used with hot tar or torch felts which belong to the British standards. There are several contractors who deal with the EPDM and the rubber products. But you should not deal with them because in the long run, they will not be able to solve your problems related to the flat roofs. Instead, you should ideally choose a three layer felting.

Flat roof

The three layers felt systems would deal with the flat roof issues. Presently there is variety of flat roof ranging from the circular to the gabled. The flat roofs are cheaper and much convenient as an option. These roofs would cover all the four walls of your home and protects you from all the corners of the house. The main advantages of the flat roofs are you can utilise the roof top for a variety of reason. You can install solar power equipments or use the roof as a garden. The major advantage of the flat roof is there is practically no maintenance.

You can also customize the flat roof and colour the materials as and when you require with the colour of your choice. There are fibreglass flat roofs that are more popular in the range of flat roofs as the life span is great. Once you install the fibreglass flat roof, you can be at peace for the next twenty years. They are strong enough to handle harsh weather and all kind of dusts and dirt. These flat roofs are safe from cracks and damages to a great extent. It is also a safe option for your home since these flat roofs are not easily dissected by the knives.