Roofing in a variety may sound strange. With different roofing materials available, it is no wonder. The design and material of roofing add to the beauty of a house. Tile roofing endows a building with aesthetic dimension. Many people with a love of beauty rest their choice on tile roofing to bring their residence alive with pristine and primitive attributes. Is appealing appearance of the rooftop the only reason behind their choice of roofing tiles to shade their houses?

Tiles roof is not only beautiful and stylish but durable and safe as well. While selecting roofing tile materials, people are giving preference to clay tiles. Clay tiles have several advantages over the other sorts of roofing tiles. Clay has been in use as a material for roofing since after the Paleolithic age. Many clay products unearthed from the grave of several civilizations and kept on display at archaeological houses are no doubt thousands of years old. They are a testimony to the durability of clay. That is why; it is the first choice as a roofing material in many parts of the globe.

Clay tile roofing is a preference of people because not only it beautifies the rooftop of a house but also it keeps the inner ambience cozy and comfy. Temperature moderating ability is a great advantage of clay tiles roof. It keeps the in-house temperature cool in summer and warm in winter. Reflecting heat from the sun instead of absorbing, clay roofing tiles keep the ambience inside the house comfortable round the seasons. Moreover, clay tile roofing enlivens the inside with smooth circulation of air. The insulating strength of roofs made of clay tiles increases with time.

Apart from long lifespan, clay tile roofing requires minimal maintenance except seasonal clearance of leaves. Clay tiles are fire proof. Quality roofing tiles are insect proof and resistant to damage from atmospheric disorders as well. Consider clay tiles roof for your next roofing project as it makes your house a pride for you from multiple perspectives – beauty, look, durability and protection.