Roof is an important part of a building. Whether it is a residential construction or commercial structure, a rock-solid roof is an assurance of security. Not only the strength, but also the trendy and fascinating look of a roof has become a vital factor to the customers. The readers may have often watched the two categories of the roof builders – one is the commercial roofers and the other is the residential roofers. It may be intriguing to them as both types of roof require heavy construction and appealing appearance. But there are a few factors which are responsible for this demarcation between the commercial roofers and residential roofers. Let us have a closer look at each of them.  

Time factor: In case of the residential roofing, the roofers are not scolded in the event of any sort of delay. The homeowners have enough patience to wait for another week or two to three weeks. They want the entire gamut of job done in the most perfect fashion and delay is quite permissible if the roofs are strong and beautiful. Commercial roofers are not pardoned for any such delay. It is a complete discredit on part of them not to finish the task of roofing within the stipulated time. It is just like breaching of promise. The businessmen have to shift to the other places while the roof construction is going on. If the commercial roofers buy time to complete the project it means finishing the entire structures will be delayed too. The businessmen will not accept it with good grace.

Man power: As the roof building for a commercial structure requires finishing the job within the fixed period as per as the contract, therefore, the commercial roofers require much man-power. In case of residential roof building, a great number of labors are not required. Two or three persons are enough to finish the task. But as far as the commercial roofing is concerned, the commercial roofers engage the entire battalion of labors to accomplish the job.

Technique matters a lot: First of all, the commercial roofing requires a horde of different components in response to the specific requirements of the business owners. For example, some commercial roofers may prefer covering the entire roof with a special kind of coating instead of using the asphalt shingles. The problem of leaking causes great damages to the roofs of both the commercial and residential buildings. So, the residential as well as commercial roofers should take serious attention to adopting a solid waterproofing technique. A proper drainage system is the must-have requirement to clear out the rainwater thereby securing the longevity of the roofs and providing the sufficient protection to the valuable items underneath. The big corporate houses have many a complicated system on the roofs. Everything from the roof entrances to ventilation systems to skylights to external machinery can be present on a roof. The commercial roofers must have enough familiarity with the techniques to build up these complicated systems as per as the demands of the business houses. In other words, the commercial roofers require a lot of additional skills than the residential roofers. Commercial roofing requires a huge bulk. A reputed roofer will always provide the roof quote so that the customers have clear estimation regarding the total cost of any project. Always collect the quotes at least from five roofers. It will make you compare among them and find out the best offer that you can afford.