Does your building possess Terra Cotta tile roofing? Well, most people living in Florida is certain to answer this question with a yes, as the particular roofing style is a traditional style and building material of Florida roofing. Well, most residence owners possessing the particular roofing style often tends to get thoughtful about the cleaning procedure of the Terra Cotta tile roofing. Contacting a roofing specialist in Florida is the best you can do to maintain the roof in good condition. Cleaning your tile roofing requires special care, as they are prone to breakage.

However, in cases you would like to take upon the act yourself, following some simple steps might help you in the process without any hassle of breakage or damage. To achieve effective results in clearing the special Florida roofing style, you need to –

Firstly, spread a board of plywood creating a broad pathway for walking, this ensures that your weight is evenly spread thereby, preventing damage to the tiles.

Mix tile cleaner clay with water following the directions on the clay pack well and pour the cleaner on to the pressure washer; plug it up on an electrical post to build the pressure.

Following the buildup, attach the pressure washer to a long pressure washing hose, which would allow you to get to the rooftop without lifting the washer.

Set the pressure on the washer in either low or medium pressure to prevent the tiles from breakage.

Now, spray the cleaner mix over the roof applying broad and long strokes approaching a fan-pattern. Always ascertain that the entire roof is stroked with the cleaner and then allow it to dry.

After it has dried, fill the pressure washer with water and clean the roof to get away with the dirt and chemical.

Following these simple steps is sure to assure a Florida roofing of Terra Cotta style that is well maintained and cleaned effectively.