Roofs are probably the most important but unfortunately the most neglected part of any building, be it residential or commercial. People tend to spend a lot more time deciding the colors of the walls and bathroom fittings than researching on the kind of roofs that will be strong as well as durable.

When choosing the kind of roofs that will suit your home, if it is residential roofs you are talking about, it is advisable that you do not copy the Miami beach roof that you saw while on holiday and took a liking instantly or the Hollywood roof that almost took your breath away. Remember that a roof that leaves you breathless can cost an amount that will leave you penniless and a Miami roof may well be good for a beach resort or a house in Miami but it may not be so for your dream home. The weather of a certain place has a lot of bearing on the kind of roof required to protect you and your family. For example, if you live in a place like Seattle where the weather is mostly moist and the whole year sees a lot of rainfall, it is better to opt for roofing that can sustain the rains, like shingles roofs. Whereas Florida roofs are made such that they can stay put during strong hurricanes as well as endure the high temperatures and humidity while keeping the people inside as cool as possible.

It is seen that commercial roofs in general, are flat roofs but it too should be made according to the weather and climate of the place and also the use the building is to be put to. Cement roofs are the best option for any commercial office or shop building followed by metal roofs and steel roofs for factory or warehouse buildings.